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Google and AOL Buy Attribution Technologies

Multi-Channel Marketing

I recently posted how Last Click Attribution is Dead and how new attribution models need to be used. The central point I make is that Last Click is no longer a relevant mechanism and online marketing has matured to the point of needing more. Marketers need not only to understand how multiple touch points influence a purchase, but they also need …

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Lessons Learned From The New Twitter Layout

Twitter Logo

If you haven’t heard Twitter recently started rolling out a new layout to users. The first reaction many people have had is that the new look resembles Facebook… a lot. In fact, there are many sites who are posting that Twitter just copied Facebook’s layout. While there are some new features like the ability to pin a tweet, the web …

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Hey ESPN – Data Context Matters!

I recently read an article on ESPN that was talking about why quarterbacks in the NFL are difficult to assess. I think anyone who is a football fan knows the importance of the quarterback position. The passing yards seem to be increase every year, and we are seeing both passing records and touchdown records broken on a regular basis. None …

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