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My Name is Nathan Matuska, and I know E-commerce , Digital Marketing and Web Analytics. I have been working in these industries for 15 years, progressively advancing every step of the way. I founded analyticsnerd.net. I’m a bit of a nerd and am constantly trying to learn new things…


I started my career on the tech side as a Website Designer/Front End Developer. I learned a lot about web design principles and various web technologies. I coded HTML, CSS, JavaScript and later learned PHP, Java and SQL.


Web Analytics

From there I moved over to a Web Analytics start-up called Fireclick which was later acquired, where I initial worked as an Implementation & Sales Engineer. Later I built and managed the client services team, where I was responsible for overall training, client retention, and client support. This is where I learned how powerful web analytics and be by working with big names like Hotel.com, Sketchers, and Air Canada to name a few.

E-commerce & Marketing

I then moved on to the marketing team at the parent company (Digital River), where I started out by directing overall marketing operations. What does that mean? My team did all email execution, financials, reporting, and research for an agency style marketing department. It was a big operation, grossing over $200 million annually. It’s in this role where I learned the ins and outs of marketing campaigns and data analysis. UNIX, Oracle and MySQL databases, Web Analytics, Website Optimization, Email, Paid Search, SEO, Affiliate Marketing… I learned a lot.

In order to challenge myself, I moved into a more strategic role overseeing all aspects of email marketing. I was particularly proud of my team and the fact that we grew the email program from $17 million to $60 million in a 3 year period. We put together a lot of great campaigns and programs for clients like Microsoft, Nikon, Kodak, and others. I ran a global marketing operation with offices in the US, England, China and Japan. Eventually I took on more responsibility.

Consulting & Customer Experience

After a while, I decided I wanted to branch out and gain experience in other industries. I wanted to see how other organizations functioned, learn more about Health Care and CPG.  I left the role of Sr. Director and became a Sr. Consultant at Evantage Consulting where I worked on a large variety of projects in Health Care, Financial Services, and Consumer Goods. Learning how to be a consultant was definitely a good experience, as I learned how to better communicate with C-level executives as well as how to work through change management.

Now I work for the Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group leading digital product development as well as the digital experience.

Follow me on Twitter: @analytics_nerd
View my profile on LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/nmatuska


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