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Google announces new Inbox App
Will 'Inbox' revolutionize email?

Google Launches A More “Evolved” Inbox

Today Google announced an new email app called Inbox, which claims to be the next evolution in email. We’ve heard things like this before, how instant messenger services or social media were going to be the death of email. What I like about the Inbox app is that it is not claiming to kill email, rather it is going to make email more user friendly. The truth of that matter is that we are inundated with so much information through email, it’s hard to distinguish what’s important and what isn’t. Some of us have multiple email addresses so that we can send spam to one, and leave one strictly for communications. Inbox is designed to make email easier.


Inbox features a new way to categorize mail all at once that will group similar items (think: receipts, bank statements, etc.) together for quick consumption and ability to swipe away, expanding on the tabs that were introduced to Gmail a year ago. You can also customize the way items are categorized.


Inbox will highlight important information for you, such as flight information, tickets for concerts, as well as personal information sent by friends and family. The really interesting part is that Inbox will also layer in useful web information that was not in the original email – like a real time flight status. Highlights and Bundles together give you a very quick view of incredibly relevant information.

Reminders & Assists

Inbox also allows you to add reminders, and provides an “Assist” which are defined as pieces of information needed to complete your to-do list. Maps to locations, phone numbers to restaurants, links to websites will all be available to make it easier for the end user to complete their tasks.

As of right now, Inbox is available by invitation only. I personally am waiting for my invite, and I am very excited to see if this new app is going to make email even more relevant as a communication and marketing channel.

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