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Hospitality Survey: The Results Are In

The results are in

Introduction One of the biggest problems facing both the hospitality and airline industry’s loyalty programs are the high cost of maintaining the the programs. As a result, airlines have been forced to adjust their programs to more positively impact program profitability. Changes made by Delta Airlines to their SkyMiles Program in 2015 are an example how the airline industry is trying …

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Is The Rest Of The World Catching Up To The NSA? Making Sense Of Transparency Data

Article originally published on November 13, 2014 When Edward Snowden revealed the NSA was using meta data to spy on millions of people not just abroad, but domestically as well – it took the world by storm. More information came out indicating the NSA was also spying on allies and aid groups, which further damaged the United States’ reputation around …

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Last Click Attribution is Dead, and Web Analysts Need to Take Notice

Fighting For Attribution

Last click attribution is going the way of the dinosaur. It had its time on the planet, but eventually a big meteor plunged down and *poof* no more last click. What is the big cataclysmic event? Quite simply put, the need for data. We live in a world where multi-channel and omni-channel are common place terms. A world where it takes …

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