Twitter Partners With IBM – Big Data Just Got Bigger!


On October 29, 2014 IBM announced a historic partnership with Twitter. The partnership joins Twitter data with IBM’s analytics and customer engagement platforms. To me this seems like a rather important partnership, as it takes one of the largest global social media platforms and pairs it with a preferred analytics solution. To date, there have been a variety of independent ... Read More »

The Most Overpaid Pitcher In MLB History Is…

Is Johan Santana the most overpaid pitcher in MLB history? Image credit: wikimedia

I was recently reading an article on the Richest MLB Pitchers of All Time. As I was going through the list, there were more than a few names that surprised me on how much money they had earned over their careers. In a time of Sabermetrics, it still surprises me the mistakes many organizations make on over spending for a starting ... Read More »

Google Launches A More “Evolved” Inbox

Google announces new Inbox App

Today Google announced an new email app called Inbox, which claims to be the next evolution in email. We’ve heard things like this before, how instant messenger services or social media were going to be the death of email. What I like about the Inbox app is that it is not claiming to kill email, rather it is going to ... Read More »

How To Measure Online Customer Loyalty


Let’s start the conversation by stating this simple fact: There is no standard industry metric used to define a loyal customer. Traditional loyalty metrics are deeply rooted in finance. The most loyal customers are those who keep returning to do business with you, and ultimately spend more money. This dynamic has changed in recent years due to the digital landscape. We ... Read More »

7 Social Media Metrics That Matter

Social Media Metrics

I recently had been working with a small venture start-up, and was given the task of developing the measurement plan for an upcoming campaign. Figuring out what to measure was relatively easy, but defining what “goodness” looks like – specifically in social media – proved to be a much more difficult task, and with good reason. According to Social Media Examiner only ... Read More »