Google and AOL Buy Attribution Technologies

Multi-Channel Marketing

I recently posted how Last Click Attribution is Dead and how new attribution models need to be used. The central point I make is that Last Click is no longer a relevant mechanism and online marketing has matured to the point of needing more. Marketers need not only to understand how multiple touch points influence a purchase, but they also need ... Read More »

Lessons Learned From The New Twitter Layout

Twitter Logo

If you haven’t heard Twitter recently started rolling out a new layout to users. The first reaction many people have had is that the new look resembles Facebook… a lot. In fact, there are many sites who are posting that Twitter just copied Facebook’s layout. While there are some new features like the ability to pin a tweet, the web ... Read More »

Mobile Optimized Email in 1 Easy Step

Mobile Email

The wide adoption of mobile devices has dramatically changed the way consumers digest information. There is no place where this is more true than in email. According to Epsilon email open rates increased from 22% to 31% between 2011 and 2013. The way that people decide to open an email has shifted in the “mobile first” world. People now have the ability ... Read More »

5 Traits Of A Rock Star Web Analyst


One thing is becoming very clear in today’s marketing world, the need for data has never been greater. According to Gartner, by 2017 CMOs will spend more on IT than CIOs – and data gathering & analysis is a large part of that budget. Whether you are looking to get into the web analytics industry, or have been involved in ... Read More »